Why you should mint SharedSeak NFT early ?

✨ 🥩 Explore the juicy benefits for the early minters.

As you know, the minting phase of SharedSteak NFT 🥩 are divided into 5 rounds. But then what’s the point taking risk for minting in the first 1–2 round? Good news is, there are tons of advantages exclusive for those first-movers.

1. Cheaper minting price

The minting price of the first round is at 0.02 ETH per NFT (excluding gas fee) And the price will getting more expensive each round. The minting price for each round will be announced at least 10 days before the minting date.

2. This artwork will “boost” your farming rewards rate.

This NFT is coming with a juicy use case. Just hold this it in your wallet, and you will get a better APY 🤑, up to 10% more! off of your staking at SharedStake.Org
Let’s make DeFi great again together!

3. More chance to find those mythical tofu.

Want some mythic rare steak like the tofu? Even if you are not vegan, just give this tofu a try. There are just 10 tofus out of the total 1,000 SharedSteak NFTs, and each one is unique. Scarcity is real. Though the entire collection are randomly generate, but there’s higher chance to find those tofus in the early minting round. You

4. Qualify to win the legendary Steak “Wagyu A5”

This steak collection can’t be completed without this legendary rare steak, The Wagyu A5. (1/1000) This NFT will be giving away to the one lucky “Steak Holder” out there, who mint at least 1 NFT in every minting round.

Please noted. The raffle are only eligible for those who hole at least 1,000 SGT Token in their mint wallet address.

To be eligible for the legendary rare Wagyu A5 raffle, you need to meet the criteria below:

  1. Must hold at least 1,000 SGT in the minting wallet before sale start.
  2. Must mint and hold at least 1 NFT in every minting round.
  3. Follow @SharedStakeOrg, @ChimeraDefi, @_passch and @LeafDefi on Twitter

What’s Next

In the next article, we will start dropping some information and details about the first minting round, as well as starting a big give away campaign to the SharedStake community. Hold your $SGT tight, one of those juicy free steak NFT might belong to you.

Get your stomach ready, steak is ready to served. 🥩 🍽


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